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          PVC fence is completely different from other ordinary guardrails in the connection of components. Although most materials of ordinary guardrails are not rusty, they are still prone to rust due to the use of metal screws for connection, which is its blind spot; Some non PVC enclosures are not securely connected using non-metallic (chemical) tenons. The new PVC fence is different. It adopts unique processing equipment, changes the connection point to plastic connectors, and adds plastic hole covers, completely solving the final rust points and instability. It is a truly non rusting fence, and has non-conductive and explosion-proof performance. By adopting a completely innovative mortise and tenon connection method, the connection between the vertical and horizontal bars, as well as the connection between the horizontal bars and the columns, completely solves the major problem of rapid rusting in the screw connection parts of ordinary fences.


          The PVC fence is made of uniquely processed polyvinyl chloride, lined with galvanized steel pipes, which have high strength and superior weather resistance, and can withstand various harsh climates. Regardless of whether it is hot or cold, rain, snow, wind or frost, the color of the fence remains stable. If it is contaminated with dust or other dirt, simply spray it with a water pipe to make the fence fresh and pleasing to the eye. Even if there is a solid accumulation in the document, there is no need to worry. It can be easily removed by gently wiping with soap solution, making it a fire-resistant material that meets the flame retardant standard. Can effectively delay the spread. Reduce personal and property losses.


          PVC圍擋表面光滑,色澤柔和,無光污染,親和力強。 產品款式色彩多樣化,可滿足不同審美觀感客戶選用。不須焊接,加工速度快,交貨期短;安裝簡便,安裝費用低;PVC圍擋并拆卸與移動方便,便于特殊情況下的疏導;遭破壞后更換快捷,且損壞的護欄無需全部報廢,可回收修復重復使用。其產品壽命在25年以上,不出現褪色發 黃脫皮枯朽開裂起泡蟲蛀 翹曲等現象。

          The PVC fence has a smooth surface, soft color, no light pollution, and strong affinity. The product styles and colors are diverse, which can meet the needs of customers with different aesthetic preferences. No welding required, fast processing speed, short delivery time; Easy installation and low installation cost; PVC fence is easy to disassemble and move, making it easy to guide in special situations; After being damaged, it can be replaced quickly, and the damaged guardrails do not need to be completely scrapped. They can be recycled, repaired, and reused. Its product has a lifespan of over 25 years, without fading, yellowing, peeling, withering, cracking, blistering, insect infestation, and warping.

          相反對于傳統的的圍檔產品款式單一,視覺及美觀效果較差;易腐蝕,釘孔處易生銹;需刷漆,對環境 污染較大;易銹蝕損壞,不便于清洗保潔。

          On the contrary, traditional fence products have a single style and poor visual and aesthetic effects; Easy to corrode, prone to rusting at nail holes; Need to be painted, causing significant environmental pollution; Easy to rust and damage, difficult to clean and maintain.


          With the summary on biodegradable particles, we hope it can be helpful to our customers. If you have any questions or need help, please click on our website: https://www.qiluxinke.com Or call to inquire, we will do our best to solve it for you

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