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          Material: The color steel fence is made of color coated steel plate, while the iron sheet fence is generally made of ordinary iron sheet material. Color coated steel plates are made from steel that has undergone pre-treatment, primer, color coating and other processes, and have better corrosion resistance and appearance effects.


          Appearance: The color steel fence has a bright color coating and can be personalized according to needs, enriching the appearance of the building. The iron sheet fence generally only has the original color of the iron sheet, and its appearance is relatively simple.



          Durability: The color steel fence is made of corrosion-resistant color coated steel plate, which has strong antioxidant ability and can withstand daily climate change, wind and sand, and ultraviolet radiation, with a long service life. In contrast, iron sheet fences may be prone to rust and corrosion, resulting in a shorter lifespan.


          Strength: Due to the use of color coated steel plate material for the color steel fence, it has high strength and compressive capacity, and can withstand certain external forces and pressures. The strength of the iron sheet fence is relatively low, and it is not as strong as the wind resistance of the color steel fence.


          Installation difficulty: The color steel fence is prefabricated in the factory and completed through simple assembly and installation. It has the characteristics of being fast and efficient. The iron sheet fence requires on-site cutting and installation, which is relatively complex.


          Maintenance cost: The color steel fence hardly requires special maintenance, and only needs regular cleaning to maintain its good appearance and performance. The iron sheet fence may require regular repainting, rust prevention treatment, etc., resulting in higher maintenance costs.


          In summary, color steel enclosures have better durability, appearance, and compressive strength compared to iron sheet enclosures. Due to the use of color coated steel plate material, the color steel fence also has higher corrosion resistance and personalized selection. However, iron sheet fences may sometimes have lower costs and are widely used in some temporary or economically practical projects.


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