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          The price of metal fence on construction sites is distinguished by width and column size. The materials used between them are the same, with a width of 3 meters and 3.5 meters, usually used in hundreds of meters. A width of 3 meters is much higher than the use of 3.5 meters, so the price is also higher. Below, Tiancheng Ruitong Metal Fence Manufacturer will provide a detailed explanation of the specifications, uses, and characteristics of metal fences.


          1、 Metal fence height: 2m, 2.5m;


          Fence column: 80 * 80 * 0.9mm;


          Fence board surface: 315mm wide, 0.3mm thick color steel plate; Warning board: 410mm wide, 0.5mm thick yellow and black color steel plate; Accessories: bolts, column caps, connecting pieces, upper and lower grooves, back reinforcement;



          Metal fences are generally used in construction sites. They are barriers that block the construction site and can reduce the impact on the normal life of people in the city. With the development of color steel metal fences, color steel plates have emerged. Due to their ornamental value, color steel plates are now widely used as color steel metal fences.


          1. The characteristics of metal fences are environmentally friendly and economical: they can be recycled, have a low loss rate, do not produce construction waste, and do not pollute the environment.


          2. The metal fence is easy to install and remove: standardized components are easy to install, and the production and installation period is short. It is particularly suitable for emergency engineering or other temporary projects.


          3. Beautiful metal fence design: The overall shape of the house is beautiful. Both indoor and outdoor are made of colored decorative steel plates, with bright colors, a smooth texture, and a coordinated design and color matching, which has a good decorative effect. 4. The metal fence on construction sites has a high cost performance ratio: high-quality building materials, reasonable prices, one-time investment, reusable, and can be used as building materials, which can greatly reduce the amount of construction work for the structure and foundation of the building. The construction period is short, and the total cost and comprehensive use cost of the project are low, with a high cost performance ratio.

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